Charcoal – what a common, mundane and dirty material. Like judging a book by its cover, the beauty of this substance is mostly unappreciated, because people seldom look beneath its surface.

This website is dedicated to the beauty of charcoal in the many ways I use it. Charcoal was the only material on the surface of the earth that could reduce metallic ores into the base metals for bronze or iron. Without charcoal, we would still be living in the Stone Age.

For thousands of years, many people around the world cooked over a charcoal fire and continue to do so to this day. During World War II over a million cars around the world ran on wood or charcoal. This material was also used by the settlers of the Amazon River Basin to turn infertile clay into productive food plots. From filtering water to absorbing toxins, from controlling odors to holding nutrients from leaching out of the fields, from building soil to sequestering atmospheric carbon dioxide, this amazing product can help us build a more resilient future.